Financial Incentives

Apprentice and Trainee Training Fund (User Choice)

This funding provides subsidies to Endorsed RTOs to help cover the cost of providing quality training and assessment services for nationally recognised qualifications to Tasmanian apprentices and trainees.

You or your employees may be eligible to undertake any of our Certificate qualifications as a a traineeship (Including adults). If eligible, this funding may reduce a significant portion of the costs of your training (sometimes to nil), depending on your circumstance, please contact Transtegic to discuss.

Traineeship Payroll Tax Rebate

Example, 6.1% of wages over duration of one year traineeship example only: e.g. for a  $70,000 PA wage, the subsidy could be approx. $4,200 rebate.

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For businesses who pay Tasmanian payroll tax. You may also discuss with an Apprentice Network Provider (MEGT or MAS)

New Worker Employer incentives (Subject to eligibility local AASN = Australian Apprenticeship Support Network will assess this)

Discuss with Apprentice Network Provider (MEGT or MAS)

Commence traineeship within 3 months of start of employment, up to $4,000 incentives, commencement $1,500 and completion $2,500.

New hiring incentives

Subject to eligibility, discuss with Apprentice Network Provider (MEGT or MAS)

$3,500 paid in two equal six-monthly instalments ($1,750 each) after their commencement date. One payment at six months and one at 12 months.

If recommencing with the same employer, a gap of more than six months applies to be eligible for the hiring incentive.

Keystone (Formally the Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board)

Keystone will fund eligible business to undertake Transtegic’s courses, business/individuals must meet eligibility (registered with Keystone and in the building/construction industries)

Please contact Transtegic and ask if you are not sure.

Keystone eligibility details can be found here – or contact Keystone direct on (03) 6223 7804.

Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing, and Energy Council (TMEC) and Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone (BAMZ)

TMEC and BBAMZ members may be eligible for member subsidies with some of our training courses, please contact Transtegic and ask if you are not sure.

*The incentives listed on this page are subject to meeting the prescribed eligibility requirements for each incentive. Note that our delivering RTO is Transtegic Training RTO#70217 (A subsidiary of Transtegic PTY Ltd)