Tailor-made solutions
for supporting
your workforce training

Support services

Big or small, we have tailor-made solutions for supporting your workforce training, from project managing to
developing standard operating procedures, scheduling, reporting and creating all the learning resources you need.

Let us manage your program schedule and reporting. Our skills and knowledge across a wide range of sectors will get your project off to the right start with hassle-free project management. We know that communication is the key to providing successful consulting and project management services.

  • Projects ­– We can help you with any project, big or small
  • Technical advice­ – Our team of experts can assist with your technical needs
  • Proposals ­– Let us take care of your proposals
  • Upskill programs ­– Equip yourself with life changing new skills
  • System development­ – Implement systems to improve your business
  • Policies and procedures ­– Do you need help organising your policies and procedures?
  • SOPs ­– Improve efficiency, whilst protecting your workers
  • Training advice ­– Not sure what training suits your needs? We have the answers.

Our consultants are here to help you find the solutions.

If you have recurring problems or need assistance to develop a proposal or a project, we are ready and willing to help. Why not outsource to Transtegic for some practical assistance and to lighten your load.

Let us advise you

Does your project need a Subject Matter Expert to provide advice? Our team of in-house experts and specialised subcontractors have a wealth of knowledge to help solve any technical issue.

System development to suit you

Each business is different, so we understand the need for customised systems to help your business reach its full potential. We will help you find what works for you and your employees.

Training advice

No matter what type of training you require, we can talk you through the options that will best suit you. Transtegic, along with our very own RTO offer a range of training solutions.

Accredited training development
With many years of experience, our team have the skills and expertise to create customised and accredited training programs for you.

Upskill programs
We understand the importance of continuous improvement and self-development. Upskilling can open so many new doors and is vitally important for both businesses and individuals.

Our team love a challenge whether it be instructional design, policy or procedural writing.

Who would need our technical writing services?
Many companies find it hard or impossible to find relevant written material or training programs; some needs are just so specialised that nothing currently exists. At other times, it works out to be more economical and practical to hire our team, rather than attempting the project yourself.

Policies and procedures
Policies and procedures are a vital operational tool in the running of any successful business. Are yours outdated or non-existent? Don’t put it off, contact us for a free quote.

Standard operating procedures
A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of step-by-step instructions used to help workers carry out routine operations. They help to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity.

Examples of services and products we provide:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Operating manuals
  • Training programs
  • Marketing materials
  • Learner guides
  • Safety programs
  • Verification of competency
  • Graphic design
  • eLearning

Our team develops training resources for clients covering an extensive range of topics, including:

  • High pressure water jetting operations
  • Compressor maintenance
  • Oil refining principles
  • Leadership and management manuals
  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Cryogenic air separation
  • Pump operations
  • Process drawings
  • Hazardous chemicals & dangerous substances
  • Plant maintenance
  • Prime movers
  • Reciprocating compressor operations
  • All types of training manuals

Training support

Transtegic has a team of experienced staff that can not only
train your staff, but will provide you with ongoing training
support as well. The support services we offer include:

  • Developing training and competency systems
  • Mapping training to AQTF or other benchmarks
  • Validations
  • Industry consultation
  • Resource development
  • Technical writing (dedicated in-house technical writing team)
  • TNA / JTA
  • Training design and management
  • Training matrix and record keeping management
  • eLearning hosting and development
Our team includes:

Instructional designers    VET experts    Technical writers    Graphic designers    eLearning development specialists

Customised training

Recent examples of customised training solutions include:

Leadership and Management

Several full Certificate IV in Leadership and Management packages contextualised to include a client’s procedures, policies, strategic direction, values and behaviours, and corporate branding (developed and delivered to Australian and overseas locations)

Industry training

Training programs for oil refining and mining operations (developed in print and eLearning)

Technical writing and training module development

150+ training modules covering water treatment, natural gas production and emergency preparedness (developed in print)

Specialised Logistics training program

A training program for specialised logistics operation (developed in print)

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